Questions like “Is a massage possible during pregnancy, how can a massage help me, how often I can go to a massage, who is trained to work with pregnant women, where to find a trained therapist for my condition, how is the pregnancy massage done?” are just some of the common questions that bother pregnant women.

Therefore, the Kinetico salon for professional massage will try to answer some of the questions. Poor circulation and the appearance of swelling on the legs are common during pregnancy.

Is the massage in pregnancy allowed?

Absolutely- YES! If a properly trained therapist is performed, it is certainly allowed.

Massage can be of great help in alleviating the difficulties in pregnancy. Massage reduces back pain, improves sleep, blood and lymph circulation, and thus reduces swelling of the extremities, prepares muscles for delivery, relieves mental and physical fatigue.

When and how to massage?

Due to the large body and hormonal changes that occur in the pregnant woman, some doctors do not recommend massage during the first two or three months … It is a time when a woman needs to adjust to her pregnancy in order to feel comfortable. The second and third trim is a great time to start with a massage.

Mild and gentle massage is recommended, because pregnant women should not feel pain. This will be achieved by the fact that an experienced therapist at the Kinetico Massage Belgrade, trained to work with pregnant women, will choose the right position, perform movements that correspond to the body, raise the pressure, of course, all the time communicating with client.

How is prenatal massage performed?

The massage is performed by putting the pregnant woman on the side, and the pillows are placed under the head, between the legs and under the stomach, to allow for a more comfortable position. The massage must be free from severe and sudden pressures. The upper part of the back, arms and legs are treated. The lower part of the back and the stomach are not touched, but only lightly coated with oil, which must be carefully selected because many pregnant women are bothered by strong odors. We recommend essential oils for use during pregnancy with aroma: mandarin, lavender, lemon.