Relax massage is exactly what the name is alluding to. It is a massage that is strictly used for the purpose of rest and relaxation. This massage is not designed to have a therapeutic effect in terms of relieving chronic pain and discomfort.


During a session at the Kinetico Massage Salon in Belgrade, a person will remove most of the clothes and lie at the massage table. Relax massage can be modified according to your specific wishes. Relax massage takes place in a quiet area, with a pleasant environment. It’s up to you to choose a relaxing melody and level of ambient light.


During a relaxing massage, a therapist makes a gentle or moderate touch on your body, slowly moving the tissues for relaxation. Sometimes as a possible modality of this massage includes aromatherapy, according to the client’s desire. High quality aromatherapy oils can enhance the holistic massage experience, allowing for a greater degree of relaxation and restoration of your energy balance. Of course, it is also possible to apply oils without pronounced scent, as desired.

During a relaxing massage, the client can remain calm and easy to explore his thoughts or can talk to the therapist if he so wishes. Sessions can be personalized in the way you want it.

The lives of many are stressful day by day, and we spend too little time trying to repair our physical and spiritual condition. Each of us deserves the necessary moment of relaxation. This type of massage represents the right technique to achieve exactly this unique moment. It will relax your mind and body by releasing you from stress.

The length of the massage will depend on how long you want it to last. Basically this type of massage can last from half an hour to 2 hours. It is recommended for people of all ages. It is possible to massage in pairs, so that the couple is massaged in the same room, which allows them to share their experience and enjoyment together.

Relaxation massage is a light and gentle massage style designed to improve circulation, volume of movement, free from low muscular pain and achieve total relaxation.

It’s time to treat yourself with a relaxing massage.