Sports massage in Belgrade is a type of Swedish massage and it stimulates blood and lymph circulation. It often includes the therapy of the trigger point, which aims to eliminate adhesions and increase the volume of movement. Sport massage can be used before or after some sports or other physical activity. The biggest advantage that a sports massage can provide is its use for the purpose of RECOVERY after exercise and other physical activities.

If the physical activity that is performed during the day, is too hard, you will probably feel exhaustion and fatigue. This is actually a natural process of strengthening, increasing flexibility and improving cardiovascular endurance. Regular massage treatment will reduce exhaustion and relax and make you feel much more pleasant afterwards. Sports massage has a positive impact on PHYSICAL HEALTH and a favorable PSYCHOLOGICAL impact.


If you have had a good massage in Belgrade so far, you know that you feel much better afterwards. You feel a little tension in the muscles. Pain after injury due to physical activity is reduced. This effect will best be explained by physiological reasons. Due to excessive physical activity or muscle injuries, smaller amounts of blood fall into muscle tissues than usual.

A qualified therapist is able to act on the muscle in such a way that leads to an increase in the circulation of muscle tissue. This is very important because of the good circulation and bringing nutrients into the muscle tissue.

When you get a sports massage, you provide nutrients for your muscles and promote healing. When you get a deep muscle massage, your muscles are able to release lactic acid. Sport massage ensures that pores on the membranes of your tissues open, releasing waste materials out, and sucking nutrients inside the muscles.
The ultimate result of a sports massage is to reduce tension and relieve pressure on the exhausted parts of the body.


After severe physical activity, often more than physical recovery is required. Exercise can often be exhausting. If you are struggling to get rid of pounds, you probably feel pressured to exercise more. If you are professional sportsman, then the pressure on you is far greater than physical exhaustion and pain. Not achieving the goal or fear of injury can be psychologically demanding.

Sports massage has deep psychological benefits. Kinetico massage Belgrade is known for alleviating depression, raising positive mood and reducing anxiety, calms the mind and improves sleep.

Depression can reduce motivation, and hence it can become difficult to stay in top form. High levels of stress often lead to excessive consumption of food and avoiding exercise.

The inability to achieve a good sleep causes some people to skip complete training. Relaxing effects of massage are good for solving all these problems. Undergoing massage therapy on a weekly basis during periods of exhaustion will help your muscles to be fed through their stretching. Sports massage will also help to raise your level of motivation and be ready to return to your everyday activities.