Lymphatic drainage is a special procedure that eliminates excess extracellular fluid and harmful metabolic products that are found therein. Lymphatic drainage is a very effective detoxification technique and tissue regeneration. Manual lymphatic drainage with specific movements of the arm, which rhythmically repeats, increasing evenly and decreasing the pressure, increases the flow capacity of lymph vessels. Pressure intensity is very important. It should affect the skin and subcutaneous tissue. If the pressure is too strong, the lymph passes through the walls of the lymph vessels and the flow is disabled. the swelling is increasing.

How is lymphatic drainage performed ?

In the Kinetico salon for professional massage in Belgrade , lymphatic drainage is performed manually as well as all other massages without the use of various devices. This massage is performed by senior physiotherapists, specially trained for this treatment.
The massage begins with the preparation of a client (Wiliams position). Then wi start with drain of the first proximal segments, drain the abdomen, then drain the lower extremities, drain the lateral region of the thigh, back, upper extremities, drain the front of the chest, then the neck and head.

Lymphatic drainage is recommended for a condition such as:
• swelling
• detoxification of the organism
• reqeneration of tissue, burns, scars
• reduction of cellulite
• stimulation of the immune system
• deep relaxation and relief from the effects of stress
• sports injuries
• varicose veins
• a headache
• acne
• stretched skin after childbirth

Dosage of lymphatic drainage

Preventive drainage of the whole body lasts 60 to 90 minutes. If partial massage is done, it is done for 30 to 45 minutes. In any case, we advise that the first treatment be shorter, in order to test the reactivity of the client. You can take preventive massage for several days in a row, without pausing between the series.

In the case of lymphatic drainage performed exclusively for therapeutic purposes, treatments are designed in agreement with the doctor and depending on the condition of the client.

After treatment of lymphatic drainage, the body feels easier, as if it has lost “weights”, and the swelling and pains disappear. Due to the stimulation of the microcirculation at the capillary level, we increase the lymph flow, and there is an sudden urge to urinate.