Kinetico was founded in 2010 with the intention of creating a center that would be dedicated to all those who want to preserve their physical and mental health. Kinetico just came from the desire to provide space that would provide the tools and atmosphere needed to offer a professional massage of the highest quality.

In previous years, we passed through a beautiful period of planning. First, we selected the best and most comfortable tables without which the pleasure would not be complete. Then it was necessary to choose all those little things that made a difference. Lotions, oils and aromas are specifically selected for you. In ingredients of oils and aromas, we have selected some of the well-kept secrets of alternative medicine.

We have done absolutely everything to make the beneficial effects of our massage long after the hands of an experienced therapist leave your body. We do everything ourselves. We are contacting the phone, scheduling appointments, designing brochures and of course conducting the therapy. Could it have been different? No. We love massage and we want satisfied clients, who feel comfortable, while we show hospitality. We want clients who are satisfied with the overall experience from the Kinetico salon. This principle was from the very beginning, but it is still our “business plan”.

We had to look for someone who is equally dedicated to art of massage. It had to be someone who would ensure that our diverse clients continue to receive high quality therapy. Each therapist has been selected according to our uncompromising standards. As the number of our employees increases, we continue to appreciate the uniqueness of individuals who are part of the Kinetiko family, but also celebrate their diversity of abilities, skills and experiences, as well as the positive energy they carry within.